LONG ROAD: JK Rowling is just one of the people who took a while to become recognised for her talent.
LONG ROAD: JK Rowling is just one of the people who took a while to become recognised for her talent.

10 celebrities who failed before they became famous

IT'S the time of year when lots of young Warwick students are planning their future, but it's important to remember an OP score or career position isn't the be all and end all.

If things don't seem to be working out how they should, it doesn't mean they won't work out at all.

Scores of celebrities were seemingly 'unsuccessful' before they became household names, here are just a few who exemplify the power of persistence and believing in yourself.

1. Oprah

THE famous television star was fired from her first television gig because she reportedly got too emotionally involved in stories.

She went on to host the highest-rated television talk show in history and create a media empire, which made her North America's first multi-billionaire African-American.

2. JK Rowling

The incredible woman who brought us Harry Potter was not always living her dream.

She was living on welfare and a single mother when she completed her first novel, even describing herself as a "failure".

She also received 12 rejections before that novel changed everything, catapulting her to fame and riches in just five years.

3. Walt Disney

WALT Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star newspaper because his editor felt he did not have enough imagination and lacked good ideas.

He famously went on to produce arguably the best childhood movies in history, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book.

4. Colonel Sanders

AT the age of 16 Colonel Sanders, of KFC fame, quit school and by 17 he had already lost four jobs.

He joined the army then became a cook and at age 65 he retired, feeling like a failure by his own admission.

When it all seemed to get too much, he thought about what he should have accomplished and started selling fried chicken door-to-door.

By age 88, he was a billionaire and owner of the KFC empire.

5. Steven Spielberg

THE immensely talented director, producer and screenwriter was rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts multiple times.

He's now considered a pioneer in Hollywood and we have to thank him for such movies as Jaws, E.T., Saving Private Ryan and Jurassic Park.

6. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld was fired from a minor role in the sitcom Benson for a poor performance.

He only found out when he turned up for a read-through and his part was missing from the script.

The comedy genius was not deterred going on to star in his own international sitcom boasting his own name.

7. Elvis

Elvis was almost put off performing by a concert hall manager who told him he was better off driving trucks.

If he listened, his name would not be recognisable in all households today.

8. Michael Jordan

When he was only in high school, Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team.

A famously humble man, he admits he has failed over and over in his career but keeps on trying in order to succeed.

9. Dr Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel, who we all know as Dr Seuss, had his first book rejected by 27 publishers before he hit the big time.

It's lucky he didn't give up, or we wouldn't have the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch or Horton Hears a Who.

10. Lady Gaga

The international singing star was dropped by her very first record label just three months after signing up with them.

She cried and cried but did not quit, going on to create hit after hit including Bad Romance and Born This Way.