$150,000 towards finding a solution for private hospital

THE council has voted towards taking over the South Burnett Private Hospital, but it is a long way from reopening.

Under the proposal supported by the majority of councillors the hospital will be renamed, and the council will try to find a business case towards reopening.

The hospital will be renamed the "Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital" and the council will hire a health specialist.

The health specialist will be tasked with preparing a transfer of the hospital licence from Pulse Health and prepare a new business model for hospital operations.

It was this that divided the council, with councillors Ros Heit and Damien Tessmann fearing the hospital could be a future drain on ratepayers.

The council still faces a number of hurdles to reopening the hospital on their proposed September 1 date, including obtaining national accreditation and working out a business plan that is cost neutral to ratepayers.

But with council elections coming up on March 19, the decision to reopen the hospital will fall on a different mayor, and a council with many new faces.

There is no guarantee the hospital will reopen, but this vote will give the council an option to keep it open.  

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