Melanie Atwell at the grand opening on Mel's Diner in Kingaroy.
Melanie Atwell at the grand opening on Mel's Diner in Kingaroy. Christian Berechree

18 businesses that opened, closed or changed in 2018

THE past 12 months have been huge for business in the South Burnett.

Many stores across the region opened, closed and changed owners, all in the span of a short 12 months.

Brand new businesses:

Sassy Mama Fashion and Accessories

Sharon Austin brought the new boutique to Nanango in early September, using the store as a platform to showcase her fantastic outfit designs.

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Mel's Diner

Wanting to bring Kingaroy back in time, Melanie Atwell opened her retro diner to the public in February 2018.

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Nourish Café

After the closing of the Giving Tree Café, passionate food-lover Monique De Martin and her partner Alex opened an all-new vegan café, Nourish.

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New to town:

Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings has been under construction in Kingaroy and are expecting to open their doors by Easter this year.

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Liberty Fuel Station

After a lot of anticipation, this fuel station opened in early November.

Upon their arrival, they also started the trend that dropped local fuel prices below 120c.

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APM Employment

Civic Video's empty space was filled by the job agency company in August 2018, giving more help to job seekers in the region.

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New owners:

Kingaroy Club Hotel

Jason and Susan Kinsella, owners of the Moffatdale Ridge winery, took over the hotel in 2018.

The pair gave it a bright renovation while making the effort to strip away any gaming equipment.

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Maidenwell Hotel

After Debbie and Alan Wallis put their hotel of two years on the market to retire, publicans Adam Daris, Lisa Parfitt and Sah Prapiwan took the opportunity to monopolise the South Burnett with a family-run business.

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Wooroolin Café

Nicole Armstrong took over the Wooroolin Café in July 2018 after noticing it had been on the market for a while.

Mrs Armstrong said she decided to manage the business because she was passionate about providing great food at a reasonable price.

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Wooroolin Post Office

After her previous job finished up, Wendy Turner turned a new stone in her life and took over the Wooroolin Post Office.

However, unlike the previous owners, she decided to not sell any plants at the store.

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Burnett Kebabs

Chetan Talwar, owner of the Spice Garden on Kingaroy St, bought the space of the old kebab shop in Kingaroy Shoppingworld.

While not being affiliated with the owners of the previous kebab store, Mr Talwar said he kept on all its current staff.

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The Kingaroy Butchery

After nine years in business, Fritz Kutzer closed up shop. Butcher Wayne Pohlner opened Kingaroy Gourmet Butchery in the shop.

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Stores up for sale:

Moonya Street Store

After purchasing the store in 2008, Gary and Kerry Rogers have had a successful run owning one of the most popular convenience stores in Kingaroy.

Since putting their store on the market, they're hoping to sell and move back to Gympie.

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Nanango Star Motel

Andrew Beck put his motel up for sale in hopes to move to Toowoomba afterwards.

Despite putting the business on the market, Mr Beck was proud its great reputation in the community.

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Kingaroy Garden Centre

After operating the business for more than 42 years, Daryl and Mary Schloss have decided to sell their iconic nursery so they could spend more time with their family.

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Tingoora Pub

The Bunya Highway's iconic 'Tinny' pub went up for sale in August 2018.

Since boasting impressive turnover rates of $1.61 million in 2017/18, it's a surprise the business is still on the market.

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Stores closed:

Flamingo Wish

After 10 great years of business, gift and homewares store owner Jenny Trevaskis decided to close the business because the store failed to find a buyer.

Since closing shop, Mrs Trevaskis moved away to Victoria.

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Ivyhome Dairy

The last organic dairy farm in the South Burnett closed its doors in August 2018.

Owners Mark and Pam Comello revealed that their decision to stop their business was influenced by both the dry weather and the fact that their children were pursuing different career paths.

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