188 Visas cancelled for crimes under new cancellation laws

ALMOST 200 foreign criminals including suspected members or associates of bikie gangs have had their visas cancelled in the last two months under tough new mandatory cancellation provisions.

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton said on Sunday the new power, which applied to non-citizens who commit serious crimes in Australia, was introduced last December.

He said visa cancellations had been made for 188 non-citizens who have been convicted of serious crime such as murder, rape, sexual assault and drug-related crimes.

"Eighty of those whose visas have been cancelled are currently in immigration detention, 101 remain serving sentences in prison and seven have been removed from Australia," he said.

"People cancelled under this power can apply to have the decision revoked, but they need to do so in a strict timeframe.

"They will also need to provide good reasons why they should get their visa back."

Mandatory visa cancellation was one of several changes introduced last year to strengthen the powers available to both the Department and the Minister to cancel and refuse visas.