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240 pumpkin scones served at state funeral

SOUTH Burnett chef Jason Ford and his team baked about 240 pumpkin scones for the special dignitaries' wake at Lady Flo's funeral on Thursday.

Mr Ford said all of the scones were made fresh.

"They were made within a one-and-a-half-hour period, started, finished and cooled down and to the table just before the dignitaries walked in,” he said.

"They were as fresh as could be so they were getting the best.

"We owed it to Flo to make sure that happened.”

Mr Ford said the scones disappeared quickly.

"A couple of people at the end said, 'oh damn, we missed out',” he said.

Mr Ford, who also catered for Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen's state funeral 12 years ago, said there was quite a bit of pressure in catering for the event.

"It was such an important thing for the family,” he said.

"There is the whole legacy thing with Lady Flo.

"I was talking to my chefs about it, saying, 'Guys, we are currently responsible for her legacy, we can't do anything to tarnish that, so it's got to be perfect'.”

Mr Ford said as a chef it was an honour to be a part of the state funeral.

"As a chef it's the second state funeral I catered for after Joh's,” he said.

"Most chefs I know would never get to cater for something as big as this, so it was an honour, for me and everyone involved in my team.”