$300 fine and a night jail for $10 petrol theft

BRINGING the wrong bank card to a service station for $10 worth of petrol has cost a woman a night in prison and $300.

Emma Maree Archer, 24, pleaded guilty to stealing, breaching bail and contravening a police direction.

The court heard Archer attended an Ipswich service station where she pumped $10.01 worth of petrol into her vehicle. She entered the store and told the attendant she couldn't pay because she brought the wrong bank card.

She returned to her car and drove away. She was later arrested by police and ordered to attend a police station to provide identifying particulars and given a court date. She failed to attend either, telling the court she had been in Cairns.

She was arrested on Monday night and kept in lock-up until she was sentenced. She was fined $300, and ordered to pay back the $10.01 for the fuel.



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