NEW LIFE: John Weiland received a new liver in 2016.
NEW LIFE: John Weiland received a new liver in 2016. Contributed

It took two transplants to save this dad's life

IN 2016, John Weiland received a gift which would change his life forever - a new liver.

But the gift was short lived after structural complications meant the young father of two had to have the liver removed.

Just 11 days later Mr Weiland, received yet another liver transplant.

Now at 36-years-old, Mr Weiland lives his life like any other person all thanks to his donors.


On Sunday, Mr Weiland along with other organ and tissue recipients came together to thank those who gave them life for DonateLife Thank You Day.

In 2005, Mr Weiland was diagnosed with chronic liver disease Primary sclerosing cholangitis.

"I was living with the disease for about eight years before I was put on the transplant list which I was on for two years," he said.

"There was no other treatment left and I had no choice but to have the transplant."

Organ donation recipient John Weiland.
Organ donation recipient John Weiland. Alistair Brightman

Mr Weiland said the autoimmune disease allowed to him to live normally until he was sick.

"I had lots of hospital admissions and you'd stay in there until you're better," he said.

"The further the disease progressed, the more frequent the admissions and the harder it was to get better."

When Mr Weiland was told he'd need a transplant, he remembered exactly where he was sitting and the doctor he spoke to.

"When you're on the list, every time the phone rings, every time a scammer would call it would be so frustrating," he said.

"When the call came, I had to give the phone to my wife because I'd say 'okay, you've told me you've got a liver, I didn't hear anything else, can you talk to my wife?'.

"Thank you to all the donors, their families and those who are registered.

"I've been given a second chance."