50 most expensive NSW schools and what they charge


It was founded by an Act of Parliament when "concerned' residents petitioned for a "nursery" to ready future students of the University of Sydney.

Today, Sydney Grammar is the most expensive school in NSW to send your child, a comprehensive analysis of financial data of almost 10,000 schools listed on the Federal Government's MySchool website has revealed.

The school - which had 1876 students enrolled in 2017 - cost parents an average of $37,166 a student in fees, charges and contributions.

The figures includes how much the school has made from school fees, other charges to students, as well as any donations or further payments.

The second highest parental contributions were at Macquarie Grammar School in Sydney's CBD where parents forked out an average of $36,470 for their child's education in 2017.

Parents of students at Ascham School paid an average of $35,089 in 2017, NSW's third highest average parental contributions.

NSW's most expensive schools in 2017

Sydney Grammar School : $37,166

Macquarie Grammar School : $36,470

Ascham School : $35,089

Cranbrook School : $34,418

SCECGS Redlands : $31,781

The King's School : $31,449

SCEGGS Darlinghurst : $31,329

St Joseph's College : $31,146

St Paul's International College : $30,924