60 Minutes admits mistakes Brown defends her 'journalism'

CHANNEL Nine's 60 Minutes has admitted to making mistakes in the botched attempt to recover Sally Faulkner's two children in Lebanon.   Reporter Michael Usher said on 60 Minutes on Sunday night: "There's one thing we want to state very clearly from the outset - we made mistakes."   Ms Faulkner and a 60 Minutes crew, including reporter Tara Brown, were charged with kidnapping and held in custody in Lebanon after the attempt to recover the children.   The crew flew out of the country last week after the father of Ms Faulkner's children agreed to drop the charges.   Ms Brown said on the program that she thought reason would prevail when they were being questioned in Lebanon.   "I think when we presented ourselves and we were being questioned, I really thought, you know, we're journalists, we're doing our job, they will see reason, they'll understand that," she said.