Mike Trout sent the ball into orbit
Mike Trout sent the ball into orbit

$609m baseball star’s wild golf shot goes viral

BASEBALL'S richest player has put Happy Gilmore on notice.

Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout showed that his insane hitting power isn't limited just too baseball.

Happy Gilmore left jaws on the floor during the hilarious 1996 movie when he sent ball after ball out of the driving range and on to the highway.

Trout took things a step further when he stepped up to the ball at a TopGolf venue.

The ball never stood a chance as Trout selected power drive and sent the poor little thing into outer space.

Trout's insane power clearly looked to have sent the ball out of the range, with the average TopGolf range said to be 230m long with a net that reaches 140m in height.

The superstar slugger signed the richest deal in North American sports history when he put pen to paper on a 12-year, $609 million contract.

But if he ever wants to make money on the side, Happy Gilmore style, he could set up shop at a driving range and take bets on just how far he can send a golf ball.