Shirley Dunham skydiving
Shirley Dunham skydiving Contributed

80-year-old adventurer skydives to celebrate birthday

Skydiving granny: A 80-year-old woman goes skydiving
Skydiving granny: A 80-year-old woman goes skydiving

CALM and serene is how 80-year-old Shirley Dunham describes jumping out of a plane, 12,000 ft above Mackay.

"It was marvellous. When you went up it was gorgeous and so smooth and calm and coming down was terrific. I'd do it again. I could have gone back up" Mrs Dunham said.

The grandmother of 15 is a keen adventurer, jet skiing at Kinchant Dam with family, climbing the Eiffel tower in Paris, hang gliding in Tasmania and riding camels in Egypt.

When she received a sky diving voucher for her 80th birthday from her daughter Debbie Rees and son-in-law she was excited to cross sky diving off her bucket list.

"I've never jumped in my life at all, only over high jumps," she said.

Showing no fear in the plane Mrs Dunham simply relaxed during the jump, with tandem master Mark Dawes, and took in the view over Mackay Harbour and Hay Point.

"I wasn't scared. You are never too old to do anything. I loved it" she said.