Doctors to Turnbull: Hospitals need injection of cash

DOCTORS have again called on the Turnbull government to scrap its Medicare rebate freeze and abandon pathology cuts.

The Australian Medical Association's budget submission released Monday also called for more funding for hospitals.

AMA president Professor Brian Owler said hospital funding, about $30 billion of which state governments have repeatedly urged be reinstated, was the "No. 1 priority".

But he said the combination of cuts to hospitals, pathology, radiology funding and long-term freezes on the Medicare rebate paid to GPs compounded the problem.

"We see the states as managers of their hospital system but they can't do a job, a reasonable job, doing that unless they actually have adequate resources to do it," he told ABC Radio.

Despite government claims the health budget was "unsustainable", Prof Owler said it made up about 16% of the total budget, down from more than 18% in 2006-07.