Australians waste $600m on unwanted Christmas gifts

IT HAS been estimated Australians will have received about $630 million worth of unwanted presents this Christmas.

Galaxy research commissioned by online marketplace found 20.6 million stocking fillers missed the mark this year and would be getting binned, sold or "re-gifted".

It was an even higher figure than 2014's dodgy present haul.

"Last year unwanted gifts were valued at $520 million and this year the figure has jumped to $630 million," the research stated.

The average unwelcome gift was estimated to be worth $68, with in-laws the most prone to giving presents no one wanted.

The survey of 1253 people found about 9.5 million Australians would re-wrap a gift and pass it on to someone else to enjoy.

The website had a 30% increase in new advertisements immediately after Christmas last year, with a similar surge in Boxing Day sales expected for 2015.