MECHANIC Werner Kuehnemann recommends drivers get to know the people working on their cars to help ensure they are not being overcharged.

His advice comes after an online complaint by a woman, claiming she had been deliberately defrauded by Barton's Hyundai in Wynnum, went viral on social media.

The complaint was posted on the Hyundai Australia Facebook page when the woman claimed she had been quoted for unnecessary items as a result of a routine service.

Nearly 40,000 people have liked the post and more than 18,000 have shared it since Good Friday.

Mr Kuehnemann, who co-owns BNW Automotive, said he had heard stories of mechanics over charging for unnecessary repairs.

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"Get a second opinion," Mr Kuehnemann said.

"The beauty of places like this is you get to talk to the guy who is doing the work on your car."

BnW Automotive co-owner Werner Kuehnemann. Photo Dave Noonan / The Chronicle
BnW Automotive co-owner Werner Kuehnemann says communicating with your mechanic is important. Dave Noonan

He said it was important to communicate with the mechanic.

"We hear stories around the place.

"We do our thing and try to do it right.

Toowoomba Hyundai dealer principal Ted Edwards said he was impressed that the Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Australia became personally involved in the case and made sure that the customer was given a swift response.

"Hyundai is a brand that promises brilliant cars and brilliant value and as that particular dealer in Brisbane has found out, our customers as well as the Hyundai head office expect Hyundai dealers to live up to this promise and so do I."

RACQ service advice

  • Deal with someone reputable who you trust
  • Ask probing questions if you are unsure or doubtful about an invoice
  • Get a second opinion if you feel you feel you need to but that should come after you have spoken with your repairer