Corruption Commission won't investigate Seeney vs Palmer

THE Crime and Corruption Commission has finished its assessment of information relating to dealings between Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney and Federal MP Clive Palmer in 2012.

Mr Seeney provided information to the former Crime and Misconduct Commission in June this year alleging that Mr Palmer and his private company had tried to corruptly influence Mr Seeney while seeking approval of a development proposal in the Galilee Basin including a rail corridor and port facilities at Abbot Point.

Mr Palmer denied there was any truth to these allegations.

The CCC said in a statement on Friday it had assessed the information provided by Mr Seeney and other material and determined that the allegations are within the CCC's jurisdiction, but would not investigate the matter.

"The CCC determined the prospects of proving any allegations of corrupt conduct to the requisite criminal standard were limited due to conflicting versions of events, the lack of corroborating evidence and the time that has passed," the statement said.

"The CCC concluded that any investigation was unlikely to be conclusive or to produce any evidence to the criminal standard so therefore determined not to investigate this matter.

"This decision was made by the CCC's Corruption Assessment Committee and endorsed unanimously by the Commission at a meeting on Friday."

The CCC said in the statement it had informed the relevant parties of its decision.

Furthermore, it determined Mr Seeney did not breach the Crime and Misconduct Act by not referring his allegations to the CMC in 2012.