Ombudsman to contact up to 7000 food outlets over pay issues

UP TO 7000 fast food outlets across Australia can expect a letter in the mail this week as part of a three-year campaign by the Fair Work Ombudsman to ensure workers are paid properly.

The Ombudsman will write to the fast food businesses to help them comply with their obligations under workplace laws.

It will also advise business owners to use the FWO's website to check they are keeping to payslip and record-keeping requirements, and ensure they are paying staff the right amounts.

The latest information campaign comes after similar efforts in the hospitality industry earlier this year.

Ombudsman Natalie James said the fast food industry was chosen as it employed many workers, and included lots of small and medium-sized businesses.

"We are committed to providing small business operators, who are often not supported by an in-house human resources and payroll team, with the assistance they need to understand their obligations under workplace laws and comply with them as easily as possible," Ms James said.

"The overwhelming majority of small business operators want to do the right thing by their employees and get it right when it comes to workplace laws and we are committed to helping them do that."

The FWO will also randomly select about 300 fast food businesses across the country for an audit early next year.

For more information, phone 13 13 94.