Tiona Pemberton's stall at the Oscars Photo Contributed
Tiona Pemberton's stall at the Oscars Photo Contributed Contributed

Young Toowoomba jeweller amazes celebrities

YOUNG Toowoomba jeweller Tiona Pemberton is honoured that pieces from her label were worn by celebrities at this year's Academy Awards.

Miss Pemberton runs a small online jewellery store called Mallow and Thyme and was left speechless when she received a request for her to attend the Academy Awards Gift Giving ceremony to showcase her jewellery.

After fundraising more than $7000, Miss Pemberton boarded a plane to Los Angeles to rub shoulders with the stars.

More than 150 celebrities viewed her label and Miss Pemberton said the response had been amazing.

"It was a real out of this world experience to be chatting with people you see on TV and have them compliment you and your label is really exciting and so surreal," Miss Pemberton said.

"It is a nice confirmation to know my collection is well received, even with the stars.

"All pieces were snapped up and we had a number of people still wanting some," she said.

A number of celebrities described the label as incredible and said Mallow and Thyme would go far.

Miss Pemberton said she hoped the connections she had made would boost her collection.

"I can only predict the future holds expansion of the label and greater hype about the brand. It's a bit of a dream," Miss Pemberton said.

Not only did Miss Pemberton get to present her jewellery, but she also spent the night celebrating at a private Oscar's after-party.