DETERMINED: Daniel Clacy helped get the South Burnett Saints up and running.
DETERMINED: Daniel Clacy helped get the South Burnett Saints up and running. Helen Spelitis

South Burnett Saints kick goals with blueprint for success

TO BRING a new sport to the South Burnett and keep it is a lot harder than putting a team together and running out on to a paddock.

But it is not impossible if done right.

As one of the newest clubs to kick off in the area, the South Burnett Saints followed up on the folding of the previous Aussie Rules clubs - the Jets and Bulldogs.

After interest started to generate to form a new club, Saints president Daniel Clacy had enough players to field a team but no competition in the South Burnett. That was more than three years ago.

Clacy then had to beg his way back into the Darling Downs competition.

"We travelled to Toowoomba to have a chat with Darling Downs and AFL Queensland," he said.

"We had to get a letter to try and sell ourselves as a club and why we should be let back into the competition."

Once accepted back into the competition by AFL Queensland, the Saints had to register as an organisation, with an AGM to elect committee members yearly.

"Then we had to come up with jersey designs and walk the streets to get some money," Clacy said.

With help from the Gold Coast Suns players running their come-and-try days, the Saints soon had a team.

While the set-up of the club was straightforward, Clacy said it was not an easy road to walk down.

One of the hardest parts was enlisting a strong group of volunteers, but Clacy said the small and passionate group and their love of the sport had tipped in his favour.

"Volunteers probably have the most important role," he said.

"They're either there for the love of their kid playing, or the love of their partner playing, or a love of the game."

What Clacy did for the South Burnett Saints was a prime example of how to properly set up a new club, according to South Burnett Regional Councillor Barry Green. .

Cr Green holds the sports and recreational portfolio and said it was up to the club to do its own research to see if there was enough interest to keep the club going once founded.

"You've got to determine yourself whether there is enough interest," he said.