PHOTOS | 650 barramundis released into Lake Awoonga

IN 12 months time these 650 little barramundis could be an exciting catch for fresh water anglers.

Today the tagged barramundi fingerlings were released into Lake Awoonga at the Riverston Bay boat ramp.

The Gladstone Area Water Board's Fish Hatchery, with the help of the Boyne Tannum Hookup Committee, released the small fish.

They were the last to be released this season, which happens between October and March.

Hatchery Manager Thomas Hayes said they have released 300,000 fish into Lake Awoonga in the last 12 months.

The ongoing project is to ensure fish stocks are maintained in the area.

By tagging fish, Mr Hayes is able to monitor their growth and health rates in years to come.

While Mr Hayes hasn't caught a tagged fish in Lake Awoonga, he said it was exciting when someone does.

"Each tag has a number that corresponds with each fish," Mr Hayes said.

"If someone catches it later on down the track they can read that number off the tag and lodge it with Suntag so we can see how much the fish has grown.

"I've caught plenty of tagged fish before just not one that I've tagged and released in Lake Awoonga."

Mr Hayes said restocking the dam would create a better fishing experience.

"There's definitely more fish being caught at Lake Awoonga now. We hear anglers reporting catches of up to 20 fish in one trip."