Grandmother resorts to selling marijuana to pay power bill

A GRANDMOTHER with no previous criminal history had resorted to selling drugs in order to pay her electricity bill.

Karen Narelle Austin, 50, made the admission to police who had arrived at her home with a search warrant on January 7, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

Police prosecutor Greg McIntyre told the court the police search turned up 9.1g of marijuana separated into clip seal bags of about 1.3g each, digital scales for weighing the drug and $50 cash which the grandmother admitted came from the sale of two bags of marijuana the day before.

Austin pleaded guilty to two counts of supplying a dangerous drug and to one each of possessing a dangerous drug and a drug-related item.

Her solicitor Dan Habermann said his client was "acutely embarrassed" by the matter and that she had never been in trouble with police before.

His client did not use marijuana herself but was dragged into becoming involved in the illicit substance by others, he said.

The mother of three had ceased all involvement after the police search, Mr Habermann submitted.

Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck accepted it was Austin's first brush with the law but warned her of the consequences should she appear in court again for selling drugs.

"Next time you might not go home and you won't have to worry about your electricity bill," he said.

Austin was placed on 12 months probation with no conviction recorded.