NIGHT OUT: Rhonda Trivett speaking at the South Burnett Peace of Mind White Dove Ball last year.
NIGHT OUT: Rhonda Trivett speaking at the South Burnett Peace of Mind White Dove Ball last year. Tobi Loftus

A special night out for the community

LADIES don your favourite dress, and gentlemen your best suit, for the South Burnett Peace of Mind's annual White Dove Ball tonight, Friday October 26.

Peace of Mind president Rhonda Trivett said this would be the fifth year the ball has run to give the community a special night out.

"I'm glad that we have a ball, because for once people want to get dressed up and have a good night, they don't have to spend a $100 to go to a ball,” she said.

The doors of the Kingaroy Town Hall will open at 6pm, for ball attendees to be ready for a sit down meal, catered by Judy Crawford, at 6.45pm on Friday October 26.

"It's great because people look forward to it each year, they all love to get dressed up,” Ms Trivett said.

Italian singer and entertainer Fortunato Isgro, who has performed regularly at the local RSL, will be supplying the evening's entertainment.

There will also be raffles on the night.

The night is all about toppling social barriers and allowing people who live on the streets, or face mental and social hardships, to enjoy the night out.

Ms Trivett said she would like to see more people who are not socially or mentally disadvantaged to come along and help make it a special night.

She is thankful for the long-term support of the ball from the South Burnett Regional Council Mayor Keith Campbell, who will be officially opening the ball.

The ball was inspired by Ms Trivett's night at the Micah Project's Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance in Brisbane, also focussed on toppling social barriers.

"As far as I'm concerned if they can do it, why can't we,” she said.

"We should be able to have the same stuff as Brisbane has, Peace of Mind is trying to bring whatever is in Brisbane up here.”

General entry tickets to the ball costs $45 at the door, but those facing hardships can enter with discounted tickets.

"People who live on the streets or financial and social hardships, they must go to at least one of the organisations for help around the place,” Ms Trivett said.

Those who attend the South Burnett Peace of Mind Drop-In Centre, or at least one of the organisations for help in the region regularly, can get the discounted tickets.

"When someone pays $45, which is for people who aren't on pensions, $26 goes into helping someone else get in, that's how we do it,” she said.

The White Dove Ball relies heavily on funding from the council to run the event, and a lower amount of funding this year was a good reminder for the organisation.

"I feel for the farmers, they deserve first choice for funding around the South Burnett,” Ms Trivett said.

With the extra pressures of the droughts, a lot of farming businesses have been struggling.

"That's what I'm going to be standing up for, I want to be out there supporting people who could be at risk of committing suicide,” she said.

"I just wish that farmers would go to organisations before that happen, its not a bad thing to ask for help, because we live in a community, with nice people who really care.”

Once South Burnett Peace of Mind gets fully established with their own funding, they want to make assisting other people in need their top priority.

"I promise the farmers are going to be number one, kids with cancer are going to number two, and people with degenerative diseases are going to be number three,” Ms Trivett said.

"Any businesses that need help, that are going to have problems, we are going to give them money when they are down and in need.”