BUSTLING: Glendon St was a hive of activity for BaconFest 2019.
BUSTLING: Glendon St was a hive of activity for BaconFest 2019. Claudia Williams

Accommodation already being booked for BaconFest 2020

THE 15,000 people who took to Kingaroy's streets at BaconFest this year were proof of the event's success.

Visitors have already started reserving accommodation for BaconFest 2020 which indicates the future of the festival is also looking prosperous.

Like many accommodation providers in town, the 61 rooms at Burke and Wills were fully booked across the festival weekend, and manager Trudy Wallace said 18 had already been secured for next year.

"That tells me that BaconFest next year is going to be a bigger success,” Ms Wallace said.

Chief Baconeer Kathryn Stevens said she was excited to see businesses reap benefits from the festival.

"It is exciting when you see businesses engage and make the most of it,” she said.

The Commercial Hotel was one of many that embraced the event, and staff wore BaconFest shirts to show their pork passion throughout the weekend.

Manager Steve Colley said he and his team were proud to get into the spirit of the event that brought plenty of people and money to the town.

"It was about five per cent to 10 per cent bigger than last year and we were very happy,” he said of the hotel's takings.

"They have done a fantastic job with the amount of work that goes into it, and for the most part they are volunteers and have done a fantastic thing uniting the town.”

Across the road, Glendon St Cafe also embraced the festival, however assistant manager Kylie Kersten said while they had a boost to trading on Saturday, she believed Sunday was like a regular day of trade.

"It is fantastic for the community and brilliant thing they are doing for Kingaroy to put it back in the map,” Ms Kersten said.

"It is a lot of preparation and they do boost our business, but Sunday was a normal trade and Saturday was busier.”

Mrs Stevens said the committee was aware some of the businesses in town, such as those on Kingaroy St, did not do as well as they would on a regular weekend of trade.

She said the committee would work with the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce to come up with ways to attract more foot traffic to those businesses.

"We are only in our second year and we are always wanting to improve because a festival needs to evolve to remain successful,” Mrs Stevens said.

"Our hope is that people will come and visit Kingaroy, and if they don't come for BaconFest they will come because of it and it will have a flow-on effect.”