Goondiwindi man Brodie Zouch Hamilton, 22, has been refused bail in Brisbane Supreme Court on drug charges.
Goondiwindi man Brodie Zouch Hamilton, 22, has been refused bail in Brisbane Supreme Court on drug charges. Chris Elwell

Accused meth trafficker 'chased drug debts' from custody

RECORDED conversations between an accused drug trafficker and a woman he allegedly asked to chase up drug debts have been played to a court.

Goondiwindi man Brodie Zouch Hamilton, 22, is accused of trafficking methylamphetamine for six months in the Goondiwindi area.

The recordings were played in Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday during his unsuccessful bail hearing.

Justice Martin Burns said Mr Hamilton during phone calls in April had apparently made threats to potential trial witnesses and people who owed him money from drug debts.

Mr Hamilton was heard to say phrases including "I'm going to go off my head when I get out” and "When I get a hold of that little c***”.

Defence barrister Justin Sibley said Mr Hamilton was released from custody later that month.

Though his client had had the "window of opportunity” before being arrested and returned to custody nine days later, he said Mr Hamilton had not attempted to harm or contact potential witnesses.

Mr Sibley said the threats had been "puffery”.

Crown prosecutor Lara Soldi objected to bail, saying there was a risk Mr Hamilton would attempt to interfere with witnesses.

She said in one call from custody, Mr Hamilton told a woman believed to be his partner that he could be in custody for a number years.

"(He said) they were sledging him with supply charges, that the only thing they can get on him was if someone's written statements on him,” Ms Soldi said.

"(The woman) suggested 'Wouldn't you be able to get an evidence brief? That would have their names put down.'

"He told her he was having a video conference with his solicitor and he was going to get his mum to send him copies of the QP9 and the brief of evidence, because that would have their statements in it.”

Justice Burns said the Crown had a "strong case” against Mr Hamilton and there was a "strong body of evidence” that he had attempted to continue a drug trafficking business while in custody.

"Such brazen conduct leaves me with no confidence at all that if admitted to bail, he would not attempt to resume that business,” he said.

Justice Burns said Mr Hamilton had previously been given a jail term for assault causing bodily harm and there was a risk that he would interfere with a witness.

He dismissed the bail application.

Mr Hamilton is accused of trafficking methylamphetamine from December 2015 to May 2016, supplying and possessing methylamphetamine, supplying and possessing cocaine, drug driving and three counts of possessing a thing related to a drugs offence.

Mr Sibley said Mr Hamilton would oppose charges.

Mr Hamilton is due to appear in Goondiwindi Magistrates Court on December 6.