Accused murderer remembers seeing 'blood everywhere'

JAMES William Glenn "can't remember" what happened after he entered the Gladstone motel room where a 52-year-old prositute was murdered on December 5, 2010.

Glenn, 20, is on trial in the Supreme Court of Rockhampton this week, after pleading guilty to manslaughter but not guilty to the murder of Shuxia Yuan.

Yuan died after her throat was cut with a fishing knife.

A police interview with Glenn, recorded the day following Yuan's death, was played in court this morning.

"I can't remember what I did, I just know I did it," Glenn told police in 2010.

"I had no idea who she was. I can't remember what she looked like. She was small, that's it."

Glenn said the next thing he remembered was running out the door of the motel and seeing "blood everywhere".