CRAFTY: Noah Cross was intent on creating at the BUSHkids stall.
CRAFTY: Noah Cross was intent on creating at the BUSHkids stall. Trish Bowman

Agencies that can help your family

THERE are many ways to support families when it comes to supporting a child's wellbeing.

This of course can include financial subsidies, but there's also many avenues of agency support.

A major company that provides family support is Uniting Care.

Providing free information, child consults and referrals, each centre is fully equipped to help get you the assistance you need.

Uniting Care specialises in family support, helping outback families, early childhood intervention, foster care and child care.

They also offer help for people facing domestic and family violence, as well as homelessness.

Another source for those in the Burnett area needing help is BUSHkids.

This is a not-for-profit organisation that offers health services to children from rural areas.

According to their website, they mainly give support to children with behavioural, emotional and developmental difficulties.

BUSHkids offer a range of free programs, teaching children about being alert, about anxiety and resilience, how to socialise, reading and literacy, essential motor skills, identifying their feelings, as well as learning about their sleep needs and more.

Lastly, South Burnett CTC offers a range of support for families and youth in the region.

A particular service is their Intensive Family Support (IFS) program.

According to the CTC website, IFS offers immediate assistance through practical help while utilising strength-based solutions with families.

Families with complex needs that would benefit from this support, as well as children who are at risk of entering or re-entering the child protection system, are all eligible for this service.