Alleged Burnett rapist granted bail

A MONDURE man has been granted bail after being charged with raping his employee twice.

The 48-year-old man was granted bail in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on October 19, facing seven charges including two counts of rape, one of sexual assault, and one charge of deceptive recruiting under a Commonwealth act - sexual services.

The court heard the man had threatened the alleged victim, a 23-year-old foreign English National, with losing her visa when she did not comply.

When reading out the statement of facts, prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said the defendant had become aware the woman did not have a driver's licence, while she was working on the Mondure farm in January 2017.

"She alleged the defendant was belittling her and telling her she had to prove herself to keep her job," he said.

The court heard, on one occasion the defendant spread his legs, exposed himself and told her to remove her clothing.

Sgt Gangemi said the defendant took the woman by the hand into the lounge room.

"In fear she followed him," he said.

The court heard he went on the couch and masturbated himself before grabbing the woman's head.

"He took both of his hands behind the head of the woman and forced her on his penis," Sgt Gangemi said.

According to the prosecutor, the woman said it went to the point of finality and she went to her room upset.

Sgt Gangemi said a week later another female foreign worker was employed at the farm, and the complainant had gone upstairs to find the Mondure man lying across his bed naked.

The court heard the defendant had told her to give him a blow job.

"He was saying something like 'don't you want your visa or not, are you going to go home with nothing, or do you want to stay in Australia," Sgt Gangemi said.

The fourth charge of deceptive recruiting was due to the methodology the defendant had conducted himself.

Defence lawyer Mr Lynch said the second rape was alleged to be a non-consensual act.

"He was in the bed, in a blur the complainant has ended up at the end of the bed kneeling on the floor," he said.

The court heard the offences allegedly occurred in a two week period from January 31, 2017, while other workers were residing at the property.

The court heard in mid-February of 2017, despite allegedly being fired, the woman went with the defendant and another person from the South Burnett property, to the defendant's other property in Longreach.

While they were driving, the accused reached over through her top, and played with the woman's breasts.

The defence said the woman, who is allegedly now overseas, approached the National Crime Authority in May this year, 15 months later, and complained.

The court heard the case was then referred to the Sexual Crime Unit in June, and then on July 23 a formal statement was made.

The court heard police officers executed a search warrant of the defendant's book keeper to recover emails and text messages on October 19.

"Central to this is the issue of consent," defence said.

The man was also charged with one charge of possessing dangerous drugs, one charge of the secure storage of weapons -registered owners and one charge of authority required to possess explosives.

Magistrate Pink said these were serious charges.

"The charges of rape are certainly serious, there are some questions that have been raised," she said.

When reading out the bail conditions, Magistrate Pink said the man must reside at the Mondure property, and notify Murgon police if he is to live elsewhere.

"At the moment it is a priority police know where you are," she said.

The court identified that the man was at risk of failing to appear in court, not due to his criminal history, but due to the fact he will be shortly settling his Mondure property, and allegedly travelling with substantial amounts of money and no address.

The 48-year-old man must report to the Murgon officer in charge twice a week, and is not to have any contact with any potential witnesses.

He also must not travel internationally, apply for a passport of enter any international point of departure, whether that be ocean or air.

The man has been required to surrender his passport.

The court heard the defendant is also conditioned to not advertise for any female employees, or have any non-family member females at his property.

The Mondure man must also not commit any further offences.

The court was adjourned to Kingaroy Magistrates Court on December 17.