Alleged child sex monster moved between schools

OVER four short years, Anthony LeClerc was transferred between four North West schools, with his reputation growing bigger each time.

Documents obtained under Right to Information laws detail a disturbing history of how the Department of Education repeatedly moved LeClerc to school after school amid a flurry of complaints.

Despite the allegations failing to reach criminal proceedings, rumours among the North West community had become "rife" despite LeClerc's protests that his "particular philosophy of education" was simply misunderstood.

By the time the Department of Education tried to forcibly transfer him into a fifth school that strongly opposed the appointment, a letter in 1987 detailing "very serious allegations" had caught the attention of the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment.

The transfer was cancelled. There simply weren't any schools left on the North West coast that hadn't heard about him.

But as far back as 1983, the department had been dealing with claims about its senior employee.


'BROKEN' SYSTEM TARGETED AFTER SEX ABUSE COVER-UPIn that year, LeClerc was accused of taking a class to the pool for nude swimming, photographing children in the shower, then displaying the picture in the classroom on a slide machine.

Other allegations were raised of serious sexual assaults, while another child described LeClerc repeatedly calling him to his office, sitting him on his lap, kissing his forehead and saying "I love you".

Police were notified but didn't lay charges, with LeClerc denying any sexual intention.

A senior education department staffer demanded a written explanation from the teacher over the swimming pool conduct, which LeClerc admitted was true.

The TAFE building on Campbell St, where LeClerc was employed after being moved around by the education department.
The TAFE building on Campbell St, where LeClerc was employed after being moved around by the education department.

In January 1984, that staffer later recorded a "severe and serious reprimand" on LeClerc's file, removing him from his post and transferring him into a teaching role at a "large primary school".

In June that year, he sent LeClerc a congratulatory letter noting his positive integration at his new post, but again moved him to another school in December 1985 following concerns over his performance.

Seven months later, the department was notified of a serious sexual assault allegation from a student during an "anatomy lesson". Police were notified but no charges laid due to "insufficient evidence".

LeClerc was moved to a non-teaching role in a fourth school during January 1987, with the department scrambling to find him a suitable appointment on the North West despite internal concerns his "past history and reputation" would make that impossible.

After the fifth transfer was cancelled, an investigator in February 1988 found him not "temperamentally suitable" for his profession, recommending he be transferred out of teaching roles or to another agency, called on to resign or be dismissed from state service altogether.

A solution was reached when LeClerc was sent to work at Hobart's technical college a few months later, where he remained on the education department's payroll until 1993.

At that time, he became officially employed by TAFE and received a payrise.

Originally published as Alleged child sex monster moved between schools