Alleged murderer caught with dead wife's DNA under nails

AN IPSWICH man accused of murdering his wife at Raceview for an insurance payout had her DNA under his fingernails, a court has heard.

A forensic scientist told Brisbane Supreme Court that analysis of DNA on Ian Robert Hunter's hands and under his fingernails belonged to either him or wife Vicki.

The court heard the minor DNA profiles had up to six fragments matching Vicki's DNA, with the chances of it being someone else ranging from one in 190 people to one in 770 depending on how many fragments were found.

A series of forensic scientists have spent days explaining blood patterns, blood spatters and DNA to the 12-person jury hearing the case.

Hunter has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife of 37 years on May 6, 2010, and maintained an intruder was responsible.

Mrs Hunter, a retail shop attendant and mother of two, was hit at least 15 times with a metal pole after she arrived home from work.

Police discovered her body, doused in petrol, the following morning.

Police also found Hunter semi-naked on his lounge room floor with minor injuries.

The trial continues.