HAPPY National Bikini Day, everybody.

If you weren't aware of this very serious and not at all made-up holiday, head over to Instagram and search the #NationalBikiniDay hashtag, where you'll find countless beautiful people using it as an excuse to pose yet more photos of themselves wearing very little.

And then there's Amy Schumer. The comedian hijacked the holiday with a very relaxed-looking photo of herself in a bikini, shared with her 6.3 million Instagram followers.

Legs splayed wide, crotch to camera, smile plastered on her face - the Snatched star looks about ready for a trip to the gynaecologist.

"National Bikini Day! #wherewasmyparisfashionweekinvite," she captioned the eye-opening snap.

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Schumer's devoted fanbase responded positively to her no-f***s-given approach to National Bikini Day.

"This is why I love ya ... we should be besties," commented one Instagram follower under her post.

"You are so FUNNY! OMG, this is so great," wrote another.

The newly single star, 36, split from her boyfriend of 18 months, furniture designer Ben Hanisch, back in May.

In an interview with news.com.au in April, Schumer gushed about her then-boyfriend.

"With the other guys I've dated, there was always this feeling of me dragging them up a hill, like, 'Let's be in this relationship!' But they were dragging, or didn't call me back. There's been none of that with Ben," she said.

"It was just easy and I mean not that every day is easy, we are so in love some days and other days we want to kill each other, but he was just ready to be a partner.

"None of us were looking for a relationship, but it was just like, 'Yeah, I want to keep hanging out with you, I want to see you more.' And then I finally asked him, 'Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?' And he was like, 'I have been thinking of you as my girlfriend for awhile already'. And I was like, 'OK!' He's kind. He's not ever mean. And I have never had that experience in a relationship."