FOLLOWING reports of an alleged vegan protest, a Brisbane activist group has confirmed they will be at Kingaroy today.

Activist group Brisbane Animal Save will be holding a 'vigil' at Swickers Bacon Factory from 9.30am.

Organiser Amanda Holly said they aimed to raise awareness to the suffering experienced by pigs in Queensland's pork industry.

She said they choose to hold the event this week as it coincided with a campaign they are currently running, titled Compassionate Christmas.

"In the lead up to Christmas, we want to encourage the public to make compassionate choices, and to see the animal rather than the packaged product on the supermarket shelf," Ms Holly said.

"Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent animals, even more intelligent than our family dogs.

"They feel joy, pain, sadness and fear, yet they are treated terribly in the pork industry," she said.

Affiliated with Animal Liberation Queensland, Ms Holly said she expected more than 20 animal rights activists to attend their event.

"Our vigil today is completely peaceful and nonviolent.

"We are just here for the pigs to bear witness," she said.

Owner of local vegan eatery Nourish Cafe, Monqiue De Martin, said she would not support the protests planned to be held at Kingaroy today.

Swickers Bacon Factory is the largest pig abattoir in the southern hemisphere with more than 750 pigs processed every hour.

It employees more than 800 people from the South Burnett region.

Swickers has been contacted for comment.