Adani protesters moved on by police


ANTI-Adani protesters blocking the mining business' regional headquarters have been moved on by police.

More than two dozen protesters blocked the riverfront building's front entrance about 8.30am, which police said was hindering business and building staff.

Townsville Police Community Beat officer-in-charge Sergeant Craig Robertson said police had become accustomed to the anti-mining protests.

"It was very quick, it was very efficient," he said.

"I don't think the business was hindered for a very long time. We know what we need to do and what needs to be in place to make it lawfully happen."

The group was issued a direction on behalf of the building and a formal police direction to move on and all 15 left without any further incident.

The group sang songs as they left the property.

Frontline Action on Coal, who led the protest, said they were there to send a "clear message to the conglomerate and political candidates alike that the proposed Carmichael mine is the last thing communities need".

Sgt Robertson said Adani was just one business in the building.

"It's affecting not just Adani, but it's affecting local businesses in Townsville that we also rely on," he said.