Rod Govers from 5 Star Pest Solutions spraying for ants.
Rod Govers from 5 Star Pest Solutions spraying for ants. Alistair Brightman

Ants are out of control: Pest experts are in hot demand

PEST controllers are in hot demand as thirsty ants take refuge in Hervey Bay homes.

Owner of 5 Star Pest Solutions Rod Govers has been run off his feet with two to three ant-related jobs a day in the past few weeks.

Only a couple of months ago, he would only get to about one job a fortnight for ants in and around homes.

Mr Govers said the smart little creatures were avoiding certain ant baits in some homes and were regularly found in places like showers and kitchen sinks searching for a drink.

"If they find food it's a bonus for them," Mr Govers said.

"I'll sometimes turn up to other pest control jobs and notice a lot of ant activity."

Mr Gover, who has had his Hervey Bay-based business for the past four years, said the ant influx in summer was worse in our region compared to cities.

"I don't know exactly why but I put it down to our sandy soil and our usually good rainfall season," Mr Gover said.

"I have mates on the Sunny Coast, Gladstone and Rocky and it's not as bad.

"Ants enter dwellings chasing moisture when it's hot and after rain."

Mr Gover said he hasn't been to as many jobs in Maryborough so far this summer.