Mining and construction lag in equally representing women

APN NewsdeskWOMEN are almost equally represented in all workplaces around Australia, but the number of women in the mining and construction sectors continues to lag.

Just 12% and 15% of people working in the mining and construction industries, respectively, are women.

But a new toolkit was launched on Tuesday to help businesses attract, recruit and retain more women in their workforce - and it could have productivity benefits.

Released by the Australian Human Rights Commission, the report includes several strategies to help bring more women into the two sectors.

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick said increasing women's employment could boost Australia's gross domestic product by 11%, according to Goldman Sachs analysis.

Estimates from the Grattan Institute also found if women's workforce participation rose to 62.4%, it could increase economic growth in the next decade by $25 billion.

"Australia ranks fourth in the world in talent shortages and many male-dominated industries are suffering a lack of skilled workers," Commissioner Broderick said.

"Encouraging greater women's participation in these industries is one solution that could go a long way to addressing these skills shortages."

The toolkit is available online at