Evictees Katie and Lucy with host Sonia Kruger.
Evictees Katie and Lucy with host Sonia Kruger. Paul Broben

Sugar, no spice - are they too nice?

SUGAR Sisters Katie and Lucy Mercer have come out of the Big Brother house without a bad word to say about anyone.

While some evictees have dished the inside gossip on their fellow housemates, the bubbly blondes have had only good things to say about their past few months on the show.

The sisters, who dress like twins, seemed to cope well with Big Brother's rule that they could never be more than three metres from each other.

They even wished 'mean girl' Tahan "all the best", despite her calling them dumb on the show.

"Obviously that's upsetting but she's entitled to her opinion," Katie said.

"We're very different… she's on one end of the scale and we're on the complete opposite end."

The sisters, Katie aged 21 and Lucy aged 20, caught up with fellow evictees Tully and Caleb last night. But Lucy, who kissed Caleb in the house, says there's no chance of an on-going romance.

The sisters made quite a entrance when they entered the house as "latecomers". Paul Broben

"Caleb is such a lovely guy," she said.

"I think what happens in the Big Brother house is just a bit of fun.

"We'll definitely be good friends on the outside."

They reckon viewers will vote to keep female intruder Boog in the house, and they reckon Jade doesn't have to worry about sparks between Ed and the other intruder Madaline.

"Ed and Jade are so cute together," Lucy said.

"They've gotten closer over the past few weeks, which has been really nice to see."

The sisters tip Brisbane flight attendant Ben to win the show, and assure viewers there's nothing fake or put-on about his personality.

"Ben is so lovely and so caring; we absolutely love Ben," Katie said.

"He is definitely being himself, 100 percent is himself."

Big Brother airs Mondays to Fridays at 7pm.