Jane Erkens has responded to the councils water price decision. Photo: Holly Cormack.
Jane Erkens has responded to the councils water price decision. Photo: Holly Cormack.

‘ASTOUNDED’: Campaigner responds to water price decision

AFTER an exhausting three hour long debate, the South Burnett Regional Council has voted to reduce the price of standpipe water in the region from $10 per kilolitre down to $6 per kl for potable water and $5 per kl for non-potable water.

This decision follows months of back and forth debate between residents and the council.

Jane Erkens, who has been leading the response from the community said she is disappointed.

“I was astounded to find out the standpipe water users only account for 1.61 per cent of the regions water usage,” Mrs Erkens said.

“I am absolutely amazed at some of the statements that came from the mouths of those four councillors who voted to bring it up and then in the same breath say they are compassionate and understand.

“I am so disappointed in those councillors who voted in favour of the price, however I am so happy with those three who voted against it and showed they really do care about the community.

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again – this price increase only hurts the most vulnerable people in the community.”

The amendment to reduce the price of potable water to $6 per kl and non-potable water to $5 per kl until the December review was voted in as a resolution four to three.

The resolution was then carried four to three, with Cr Jones, Cr, Henschen, Cr Potter, and Cr Frohloff voting in favour.

Cr Otto, Cr Duff and Cr Schmacher voted against the resolution, in favour of reverting back to the original $4.10 charge.


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