BIG GOALS: Summer Millard has big goals in race walking.
BIG GOALS: Summer Millard has big goals in race walking. Claudia Williams

Athlete sets sights on green and gold

WEARING green and gold is on the horizon for Nanango athlete Summer Millard.

Summer commits to training six days a week to succeed in race walking and she is starting to see the rewards of her hard work.

"You don't really like the training, but you like the outcome,” she said.

"The training is hard work when you push, but it is good because it keeps you having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

Summer earned a silver medal at the Queensland Athletic Championships in the 3000m race walk and now has her sights set on a top five result at the national championships on April 1.

"My time wasn't that good, but I was expecting to get a bronze, not a silver,” she said.

Summer is currently a member of the Q-Squad, the state athletics team, and a top eight result on the national stage would score her a place in the A-Squad, the national squad.

This will be her first national championships racing on a tartan track, which comes with its challenges in the walking event.

"It is bouncy and sometimes that is good but not always because of the contact that you have to keep in race walking,” she said.