Matt Collins interviewing Ken Mills at the South Burnett Business Breakfast
Matt Collins interviewing Ken Mills at the South Burnett Business Breakfast Elaelah Harley

Attendees get down to business over breakfast

BUSINESS tips for all were traded around this morning at the South Burnett Business Breakfast.

Held at the Nanango RSL and hosted by South Burnett Times journalist Matt Collins, guests were given the opportunity to network and learn from experienced business owners.

While the audience enjoyed their breakfast, Mick and Amanda Astill from Astill's Electrical spoke about the values of business coaching, Teresa and Lindsay Francis from Easy 8 Orchards spoke about overcoming hardships, and Ken Mills spoke about customer service and sales.

Mrs Astill also mentioned the value of these business breakfasts in her segment.

"There's so much we can learn from other businesses, which is why I really wanted to be a part of this event. There also needs to be that spirit where it's enough for everyone, not scarcity,” she said.

"To have that mentality when you can speak freely with other businesses, and you can learn a lot from that.”

Lots of different business owners in the room learned from the experience, too.

Jane Erkens from Nanango Real Estate said she had some lightbulb moments.

"One of the things I really gelled with is people's values when they're looking at staff. If they don't have a similar value, it won't be easy for the company to progress,” she said.

"The other thing is explaining to staff why you do something, and not how you do it. Those were the lightbulb moments I had.”

Paul Laurentiussen from JA Carroll & Son, Solicitors also learned to be brave with one's business.

"You can't go into a business or try something new if you're riddled with fear. You can't be worrying about if things don't work, because they don't, then you can just try something else,” he said.

Michelle Hansen from Hansen Kitchens said the event reaffirmed her idea of community support.

"I learned to feel that I'm not alone. We're all in the same boat, and it's so easy to reach out and ask for help if you need,” she said.