A man has fronted court, charged with a violent home invasion.
A man has fronted court, charged with a violent home invasion.

Axe-wielding intruder leaves woman terrified in own home

A FACE pressed up against the window at night, a tomahawk smashing through the door and death threats, was one woman's horror reality.

Kingaroy District Judge Glen Cash said the Murgon woman no longer feels safe alone after four men invaded her home on Sunday June 3, 2018.

He told one of these men, who stood before the court, she now has trouble sleeping and has installed CCTV surveillance.

"Take a moment to think about the terror you would've caused in this lady," he said.

Ji Campbell pleaded guilty to a total of 22 charges, including the violent home invasion, in Kingaroy District Court on November 12.

These included a charge of burglary by breaking whilst armed in company, one charge of assault occasionally bodily harm whilst in company, and a charge of robbery while armed in company of personal violence.

Lawyer Alex Banenn said the 19-year-old defendant had been on parole for street robberies committed last year, when he was involved in the home invasion.

"The offences before your honour today were committed some four to five months after Mr Campbell was released on parole," he said.

The court heard the complainant was home alone at her Murgon residence on Sunday night when she saw Campbell's face pressed up against the glass of her back door.

"She called police and leant against the door to stop people from coming in," Mr Banenn said.

"Mr Campbell used the tomahawk to smash open the glass panel of the back door, causing glass to shower down on the complainant."

He said the door was broken up, with the tomahawk found in the 52-year-old woman's laundry, and kicked open.

The court heard the victim's arm was broken when she was pinned between the door and wall.

"She screamed out help," Mr Banenn said.

"Mr Campbell placed his hand over her mouth, told her to shut up, and threatened to kill her, whilst patting her down and looking for her car keys."

The lawyer said Campbell had taken the complainant into the bedroom and sat with her on the bed, with the tomahawk in hand, whilst his co-offenders rummaged through the house.

The offenders allegedly left the Murgon residence with the victim's keys, mobile phone, purse, handbag, other belongings and $55 in cash.

"People deserve to feel safe in their own home," Mr Banenn said.

"There is no undermining the seriousness in inflicting violence on someone in their own home."

As a result of the invasion, the woman suffered a black eye, cuts to the foot, and a broken arm which later required surgery with the insertion of plates and pins.

Campbell was also charged in relation to three separate nights of property offences from May 6 to June 4.

The 19-year-old man and his co-offenders unlawfully used four different cars, broke into two different hotels and stole alcohol and cash, they stole from two different fuel stations, and broke into four other cars and stealing personal property.

Campbell was also charged for dangerous driving when he allegedly did burnouts in a hospital carpark, and also stealing a wallet when he broke into someone's home.

Defence Lawyer Miss Cuthbert said Campbell constantly moved around growing up and had no positive male role models.

"He has witnessed and been subjected to violence during his upbringing, at the hands of his mother's partners," she said.

Judge Cash said whilst Campbell's actions were not excused by his youth, he did take this into account.

"He's not making these decisions with a fully developed mind, he's gone with a group of no-hopers and fallen back into his habits," he said.

Campbell was also charged with three counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, three counts of stealing, a count of deprivation of liberty and two counts of breaking and entering a premises and stealing.

He also faced two charges of entering premises with intent of committing an indictable offence, four counts of entering a premises and stealing and one count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle to facilitate the intent of committing an indictable offence.

His charges also included one count of dangerous operation of motor vehicle, one count of possessing dangerous drugs and a count of burglary committing an indictable offence.

Campbell was already serving three years imprisonment due to the street robbery offences last year.

"I can't send you to jail for so long that there's no hope," Judge Cash said.

Campbell was convicted of all 22 charges and Judge Cash accumulated the sentences to a total of four years imprisonment.

He is sentenced for seven years overall, including the street robbery sentence set by the Maroochydore District Court in January this year.

The 19-year-old will be eligible for parole after about a third of the sentence is served, on September 23, 2019.

He will also be disqualified from holding a driver's licence for six months.

Convictions were recorded for all charges.