Baconfest organisers Kathryn Stevens, Felicity Cavill, Paul Reeves and Fritz Kutzer
Baconfest organisers Kathryn Stevens, Felicity Cavill, Paul Reeves and Fritz Kutzer Michael Nolan

Bacon festival is coming to Kingaroy

LOVERS of all things pork are in for a treat next year.

Aptly titled Bacon Fest, the Kingaroy festival will be a three day event, from August 24-26, showcasing the joy of cooking and eating bacon.

Chief baconeer Kathryn Stevens said it would be great for the region and the wider pork industry.

"It was literally just a group of people who thought it would be an awesome idea and as soon as we started talking to people it got bigger," Mrs Stevens said.

While it's still early days the organisers hope to use the Kingaroy Town Hall precinct as the home ground for the festival.

Friday will open with a pork industry conference hosted by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in the hall.

They'll follow the conference with a Wine and Swine cocktail party, which will include a range of local produce paid with tasty porcine treats.

Brisbane ska band The Porkers are already booked to perform on the evening.

Saturday will play host to an eat street style market with speciality pork food trucks lining Glendon St.

There will also be a long table breakfast and activities in the park for families.

On Saturday the Australasian Barbecue Alliance will host a regional barbecue competition.

Mrs Stevens said they were looking for local identities to judge the offerings.

While there are many details that still need to hammered out, Mrs Stevens said the support she had received was been overwhelming.

"SunPork Fresh Foods is a huge supporter and the South Burnett Regional Council has thrown its support behind the festival," she said.

She is also working on a Baconfest mascot.

Kingaroy builder Paul Reeves has volunteered for the role.

"He is in early stages of making his own prototype out of foam but I'm pleased people are going to that length to be apart of the festival," Mrs Stevens said.

Mrs Stevens is keen to reach out to any community group that wants to be involved.

If you have a contribution to make or just want to follow the progress of the festival visit the Facebook page.

Proposed schedule

  • Industry workshops (All day) potentially coordinated by APL and attended by pork industry stakeholders from across the region.
  • Wine and Swine (6pm- 11pm) A cocktail reception at the Kingaroy Town Hall showcasing local wine and produce. 
  • Long Table Breakfast (7am - 9am) A breakfast event showcasing local produce (particularly bacon and navy beans). Long tables with white tablecloths set up down Kingaroy Street.
  • Little Piggies in the Park (9am - 12pm) A pig themed family event organised in a similar manner to the 'Under 8s' days. Local arts group, Jumping Ants, has agreed to help coordinate a large art project that would involve students from schools across the region.
  • Australasian BBQ Alliance Competition Opportunities are being explored for inviting the Alliance to host a competition in Kingaroy.
  • Kevin Bacon Film Festival (10am - 8pm) Back to back screenings of popular films staring Kevin Bacon. It's likely these films would be screened in the week leading up to Bacon Fest too.
  • Bacon Eat Street (10am - 9pm) A food market with a focus on bacon and pork products. These markets would provide an opportunity to showcase the broad range of produce available in the South Burnett. Food trucks from outside the region could also be approached. Small stages could be set up throughout the market for local musicians to perform. Plans are underway for a bacon judging competition that butchers from across the region would be encouraged to enter.
  • The Porkers (8pm - 11pm) Popular Newcastle based ska band The Porkers has been approached to headline Bacon Fest 2018. 
  • Sunday Bacon Brunch Out of town venues such as Mulanah Gardens; Dusty Hill Winery; Ringsfield House etc. could be approached to host a Bacon Fest Brunch that could be promoted as part of the Festival.