BACON: Jason Ford is keen for BaconFest to come back for another year.
BACON: Jason Ford is keen for BaconFest to come back for another year. James Liveris

BaconFest brings bacon industry to the next level

ANOTHER year of BaconFest has gotten many people excited for the event.

Especially South Burnett food ambassador Jason Ford.

However, Mr Ford said he wasn't surprised it would be returning again after last year's success.

In fact, he said he expects it to be even bigger this time around.

"Word has gotten out about it now, and the people who were waiting to see how it went, saw it was as good as any festival in the country, and even on an international scale,” he said.

"There was a lot of social media going on about last year's event, and so those who didn't go will be regretting that they didn't go.”

With Melbourne's La Luna Bistro's head chef Adrian Richardson on board the BaconFest boat this year, Mr Ford believes the event has a massive draw card for bringing in more foodies.

"I might get a chance to cook on stage with him and do some demonstrations, and as I've never worked with Adrian before, it's all quite exciting,” he said.

Mr Ford will also be doing solo demonstrations on both the Saturday and Sunday of BaconFest, August 24 and 25.

"One of my demonstrations will be making an avocado and bacon bagel, with poached eggs,” he said.

"I like to do things that people can buy themselves and easily replicate.

"I'll also definitely be doing more recipes with regional products, showcasing pork products and bacon accompanied by regional produce. It'll be a celebration of the South Burnett.”

Mr Ford thinks BaconFest really opened people's eyes to the South Burnett being the largest producer of pork in Australia.

"We've been known for peanuts and beef, but now BaconFest has definitely solidified the South Burnett's role in the Australian pork industry,” he said.