Baconfest organiser Kathryn Stevens.
Baconfest organiser Kathryn Stevens. Michael Nolan

BACONFEST: Get ready for a sizzling success

AFTER a successful first year, BaconFest is back for more.

More entertainment, more fun and a whole lot more bacon.

Although people are starting to get keen for the event, no one is more excited for the event's second year than the BaconFest committee, as it goes to show how much of a success the first festival went.

Chief Baconeer and the brains of BaconFest, Kathryn Stevens, said she's very grateful everyone came on board last year after she pitched the idea to her friends.

"It grew and developed into the festival it was last year through collaboration with a lot of amazing people,” she said.

"People put their money behind us, which we're forever grateful, particularly SunPork Fresh Foods, being the naming sponsor to 2021.”

Before it came to life, Mrs Stevens said she and the committee had three aims for the festival.

"Firstly, we wanted to tell the story of our region to people outside of the area,” she said.

"Secondly, we wanted to tell Australia what a fabulous place the South Burnett is to live and work, and to bring people into the region.

"Thirdly, we wanted to create a buzz around town with positivity and give back to the community.”

Mrs Stevens said the committee was strategic in involving an array of community groups to publicise themselves or give them opportunities to raise funds for their own causes.

"We wanted to make it so that not only the business community benefits, but also the broader community,” she said.

Mrs Stevens said even after a successful year last year, the committee was aiming to make a lot of improvements to the event.

"As with any event, if you're one of the organisers you can see ways to progress, and we've had a lot of support to iron out those things that might need changing,” she said.

"Regardless, it was a great year last year and this year is also going to be a sizzling success.”