SunPork were excited to hold their Smoke Off at BaconFest in 2018.
SunPork were excited to hold their Smoke Off at BaconFest in 2018.

BACONFEST: SunPork Smoke Off evens the playing field

THIS year's SunPork Smoke Off is going to be a whole new kind of challenge, as Australian owned sponsors SunPork Fresh Foods are ensuring that no one starts off with an unfair advantage.

According to Rhys Collins, the executive general manager of SunPork Fresh Foods, every lucky contender in the Smoke Off will have their meat supplied.

"This levels the playing field for all the teams, because they're all working with the same cuts of meat within the same time frames. It means the competition is anyone's game,” he said.

While SunPork will be supplying the pork produce, they've used their connections to supply the beef and chicken categories as well.

"Steggles is the sponsor for chicken, and Angus Reserve Beef sponsors the beef ribs category,” Mr Collins said.

"As it's only the second year of BaconFest, it can be hard to get sponsors. We have a long-standing relationship with both of these brands, and we were able to use our partnership to get them on board.”

The SunPork Smoke Off is an Australasian Barbecue Alliance qualified event, but SunPork Fresh Foods have taken on the job to sign up the teams and organise the event.

According to Mr Collins, there are 42 teams that have signed up, which is a major increase to last year's 20.

"This year, we're also going to be having a specialised awards category for local teams,” he said.

"Although we're excited about the fierce and experienced competition goers this event will attract, we also want to encourage local teams to sign up, and so they'll be getting their own prize to compete for.”