Bank robber's appeal denied

A BANK robber who aimed a replica handgun at a female teller's throat in Noosa has been denied a more lenient sentence on appeal.

Stephen John Gopurenko pleaded guilty to a 2009 crime spree in which he robbed three banks in Queensland and one in Victoria.

When he robbed the Noosa Bank of Queensland on February 19 that year and banks in Carina and Chermside over the space of a few weeks, he netted a total haul of $23,462.

At Noosa, he pointed a replica firearm at a female bank teller's throat from about a metre away and demanded money.

She fell to the floor in shock after he had fled and suffered severe emotional effects from the trauma.

Gopurenko headed south to Victoria and robbed another bank of $2820 but was arrested four days later.

Other charges related to fraud, including stealing a former employer's purchase order book to buy items and falsely offering non-existent goods for sale on eBay.

Gopurenko argued his six-year sentence in Queensland was excessive, considering he already faced a long stint in jail in Victoria for breaking parole on prior robbery and dishonesty convictions.

The Queensland sentence effectively extended his Victorian prison term by four years to about 10 years' jail.

It also meant he would not be eligible for parole for six years, rather than the two-year ruling handed down in Queensland.

Justice Hugh Fraser turned down Gopurenko's appeal, stating: "the number and seriousness of his armed robberies and other offending in Queensland dictates the conclusion that the sentence is not manifestly excessive".