The "1%er" symbol of bikie rebellion has been outlawed in licensed premises across Queensland.

Bar staff face heavy fines for serving patched bikies

THE State Government has released a list of banned motorcycle club logos with $11,000 fines for bar owners who allow them on licensed premises. 

Images of jacket patches have been released for all 26 motorcycle gangs declared illegal last week, bar Gladiators Motorcycle Club.

Under changes to the Liquor Act 1992, anyone caught wearing a logo associated with one of the 26 outlaw gangs will face up to a $42,250 fine for failing to leave a hotel when asked by staff.

A second offence could bring a $57,750 fine or six-month prison term while a third would result in up to $82,500 in fines or 18 months in jail.

The State Government's list of outlawed bikie gang patches.
The State Government's list of outlawed bikie gang patches.

The new legislation obligates licensees to oust anyone wearing a prohibited logo or face up to $11,000 in fines.

It extends to any piece of clothing or jewellery and covers more than just the traditional logo patches of the clubs.

Any item of clothing portraying a club's name, symbol, abbreviation or acronym relating to the outlawed club.

Any mention of "1%" or "1%er" - a symbol of rebellion referring to the one per cent of motorcyclists who operate outside the law - is also off-limits.