Kristy Frahm and Eric Ford speaking at the Storm Recovery Barbecue
Kristy Frahm and Eric Ford speaking at the Storm Recovery Barbecue Elaelah Harley

Barbecue helps residents understand storm recovery options

SUNDAY'S Storm Recovery Barbecue at Coolabunia State School gave more than community support.

During speeches at the event, Kingaroy's Rural Financial Counsellor Belinda Clair gave insight into some financial help that farmers can apply for.

"Something that should be noted is that there's some extra payments that were available for people that have applied for Farm Household Allowance, with up to $12,000 this morning,” she said.

Ms Clair informs that those interested in this allowance need to apply quickly.

"To be eligible for all of that money, there has to be an application for the 30th of this month. If anybody hasn't applied for Household Allowance, it's a good idea to try to get those forms in. I'm happy to help come and fill those out with you,” she said.

Ms Clair understands how overwhelming the weather conditions have been for local farmers.

"It's been a really busy year, and as the community knows, it's been a very trying time with the droughts and hail storms that we've had,” she said.

Ms Clair also manages other avenues that she can help with providing financial assistance.

"Some of the other things that we've been doing this year is some mediations, working with the banks and helping people get onto some concessional loans and some succession planning,” she said.

"Sometimes it's good to have a chat with someone and have a talk about your farming business and learn about the different opportunities you can access for help. If you ring through to the Rural Financial Counselling Service, I can be contacted through there.”