Storm sufferers Audrey and John Larsen at the Storm Recovery Barbecue
Storm sufferers Audrey and John Larsen at the Storm Recovery Barbecue Elaelah Harley

Barbecue proves the strength of community support

MEMBERS of the community gathered over the weekend to give and receive support at the Storm Recovery Barbecue.

The barbecue was held at Coolabunia State School on Sunday, November 25, and many agency stalls operated to give information to those in need.

Coolabunia's principal Murray Johnston introduced speeches at the event.

"We're sharing our stories today, but most importantly spending time with each other. I think we know that communities become stronger when we go through some not so good times,” he said.

Deputy mayor Kathy Duff then congratulated the community for their resilience.

"This community and the way we all helped after the storms is the best BlazeAid had ever seen,” she said.

"There were 14 different groups that fed the BlazeAid workers. There was 45 kilometres of fencing that had been done, too. We also recognise there were also a lot of farmers who got smashed who couldn't use BlazeAid.

"This function is about meeting, mixing, mingling, and talking to the support agencies to get the help and assistance you need.”

The different agency stalls included the Queensland State Emergency Service, the Fire Brigade, the Men's Shed, Graham House, Growcom Australia, Centrelink, the South Burnett Council and the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation (BIEDO).

The event's co-ordinator Kristy Frahm from BIEDO hopes that people share around the information they've learned to others in need.

"This is a good opportunity to not only connect with each other, but to also learn about the different agencies we have in the South Burnett,” she said.

"Pass on the news about what you learn to your friends and families as well. It's really important that we keep those lines of communication and support open.”