Barnaby Joyce... wants relaxations on Adler shotgun
Barnaby Joyce... wants relaxations on Adler shotgun LUKAS COCH

Barnaby Joyce calls for Adler shotguns for shooters

SHOOTING club members should have access to the controversial Adler shotgun, according to Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Currently the gun is banned in Australia but state and territory justice ministers are considering whether or not to allow it to be available.

The Commonwealth has maintained an import ban on Adler A110 shotguns with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds until states and territory governments agree on a new classification.

They could not reach consensus in October, with New South Wales wanting the gun to be more readily available.

But on Sunday, NSW Premier Mike Baird indicated he would not oppose moves to restrict the firearm to professional shooting uses only in line with other state and territory governments.

The concession may pave way for the firearm to be imported with the Council of Australian Governments set to meet on Friday.

Mr Joyce told 7.30 the Nationals Party had a clear view on the Adler shotgun but understood its reclassification was a matter for the state and territory governments.

"I think it should be in category B and if other people have a different idea then that is a discussion for them," he told the ABC's 7.30 program.

Mr Joyce said category B restrictions would be tougher than current arrangements but allowed the firearm to be used by shooting club members.

Nationals' MPs have warned there could be political backlash if the Adler shotgun was placed into the more restrictive category D.

Nationals' MP Ken O'Dowd told AM a category D classification was "a little bit harsh" and could cause angst in rural communities.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said sales of the gun would be tightly controlled if states and territories agreed on the category D classification.

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