Neale Ambler with his koala gear.
Neale Ambler with his koala gear.

Three koalas rescued from traffic this week

KOALA rescuer Neale Ambler has rescued three animals hit by cars in the South Burnett this week.

Mr Ambler said this time of year was breeding season and the koalas spent more time travelling, and unfortunately they were often on busy roads.

On Tuesday night Mr Ambler rescued a female koala at Blackbutt and met up with an animal ambulance, which took the koala to a sanctuary.

"Be careful on the roads at this time of year and give the (koala) ambulance a call," Mr Ambler said.

Mr Ambler said the koalas were all fit and healthy before the accidents, it was just a matter of being on the move for a new mate.

"You'll hear at night, especially from males, a funny noise saying this is my area back off to other males and welcoming the females in," Mr Ambler said.

Mr Ambler said if anyone hits a koala to call the RSPCA.

Motorbike rider Karl May said he was recently stopped in his tracks near Murgon at Kinbonbi Falls by a wandering koala.

"He was just sitting there in the middle of the road. He wasn't moving and didn't seem scared," Mr May said.

"I parked my bike and quietly walked over.

"I knew I had to try and get him off the road, he'd die otherwise."

If you see a koala in need you can phone the Sunshine Coast rescue service, which travels all over Queensland to rescue koalas, on 0423618740 or 0431300729.

Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue is a 24-hour volunteer rescue service.

Or call Neale Ambler on 0403971701 for assistance