Rocky and Dei Ind enjoy the sights at Alexandra Beach.
Rocky and Dei Ind enjoy the sights at Alexandra Beach. Warren Lynam

Beach bums hit Noosa for cheeky nudist event

"I'M not afraid of being naked."

Those were the words of the female nudist who was voted to have the best bottom on the beach at the annual Alexandria Bay Beach Carnival.

Yvette Benkis is a regular visitor to the nudist event, which this year attracted about 300 naked men and women, from all over south-east Queensland, to the secluded beach in Noosa National Park.

Ms Benkis was one of the stars of the day, winning four medals and two ribbons at a range of fun events - among them, she won the open women's 75m sprint race, the sack race, a water bucket relay and helped win the tug-of-war. She also was crowned the winner of the magnificent mother's category.

"I've been coming here close to 10 years, on and off," she said.

BARING ALL: One attendee flew the flag at Alexandria Bay Beach, Noosa.
BARING ALL: One attendee flew the flag at Alexandria Bay Beach, Noosa. Warren Lynam

"I like the scenery, the general atmosphere of friendliness and the people - it's very non-judgemental - and I'm not afraid of being naked."

Event convenor Rocky Ind, a self-confessed full-time nudist, said the event aimed to bring "like-minded people on the beach and have a bit of fun".

"It's a regular beach for nudists and every one who does come here recognises that it is illegal in Queensland, but it's isolated; we do come here to not offend people."

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The local event has been running continuously for 29 years.

"A Google search tells us it's the longest consecutively running beach carnival in the world," Mr Ind said.

The nudists also bring much- needed revenue into the local Sunshine Coast economy.

**WARNING: NUDITY** Nudist day at Alexandra Beach. Competitors enjoy the sack race. Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
Competitors enjoying the sack race. Warren Lynam

"We did an exercise a few years back, gave them a form to fill out, (asked them) where they stayed, how long they stayed, how much they spent," Mr Ind said. "And we worked out we estimate we spent about $100,000 in the local economy."

The attendees donate money to help pay for the event, with any left

overs this year to be donated to local lifesavers. Other charities have also benefited in past years.

In case you were wondering... "Yes, we provide sunscreen," Mr Ind said.