SPRINGTIME: The flowers are blooming in Kingaroy's Memorial Park.
SPRINGTIME: The flowers are blooming in Kingaroy's Memorial Park. Jessica McGrath

Big temperature ranges to welcome Burnett spring

WARM and dry weather marks the third week of spring as temperatures are set to peak at 30 degrees.

Weatherzone meteorologist Graeme Brittain said Tuesday would be the hottest day of the week in the South Burnett.

"Temperatures will be peaking in the low 30s in the afternoon, making it six or seven degrees above average," he said.

This comes after temperatures reached up to four degrees above average over the past weekend.

Saturday reached 28.7 degrees after a chilly start of 1.3 degrees in the morning.

Sunday reached a maximum temperature of 27 degrees.

By Wednesday the temperatures will drop to the mid 20s as cooler air is pushed up from the south.

"The drop in temperature from Tuesday to Wednesday will be noticeable," Mr Brittain said.

South Burnett residents can expect sunny conditions and clear skies after that change.

The evenings and early mornings on Wednesday and Thursday will be a little cooler than average.

Most towns will be one or two degrees below average, while more sheltered regions can expect temperatures of four to five degrees below average.

"It's a big contrast in the early morning and afternoon, but those range of temperatures are quite common and normal for early spring," he said.

"The nights are quite long still and the clear skies allows temperatures to drop, but the temperatures go up quite quickly during the day when it's sunny."

By the end of the week, the overall temperatures could be back to near-average for this time of year.

The South Burnett only has a 20 per cent chance of seeing rain from a thunderstorm predicted for southern Queensland on Tuesday.

Mr Brittain said the moisture shows the thunderstorm would form to the south of the Kingaroy area and was more likely to be seen in the Ipswich and Gold Coast areas.

There is a potential for some showers on Sunday.